The Lunch balance displays the maximum amount that is available to you in the current month. The rest of your contribution is added to the balance at the beginning of the following month. Your lunch balance includes your deductible amount.

Usually, the benefit is paid in advance, meaning you need to download MyMoney into Epassi in order to get your benefit into use. To download MyMoney , check our article about MyMoney download here.

Lunch benefit is counted that you divide your MyMoney  balance by 0,75 = is the saldo in your lunch account. In lunch-benefit, your deductible amount is 75% of the lunch price and the employers part is 25%. Meaning, that lunch balance is 75% of your own money (deductible amount) and 25% is your employer's money. Meals cheaper than 9,07€ your deductible amount is 6,80€.

The lunch benefit saldo includes your deductible amount, so when you purchase lunch, the lunch amount is deducted from the lunch-saldo, and also your deductible amount is also taken from your MyMoney  -saldo as this is your personal fund.

Example: You have made a purchase at Restaurant X and your meal has cost 10,70€. From this purchase, your deductible amount has been 8,02€. The taxable benefit for lunch is max. 10,70€ in 2020.
10,70€ is taken from your lunch balance and the deductible amount, 8,02€, is taken from MyMoney.

You can also pay a meal that is over 10,90€ but in order to do so, you need MyMoney  balance.