The system will top up your lunch balance at the beginning of each month, based on the remaining workings days of the current month (e.g., 20 working days). The daily amount is set by your employer, but within the limits set by the tax authority for 2024 the amount has to be to between € 8,50 and € 13,50 per working day.

The yearly maximum number of meals for the lunch benefit has been determined in accordance with the instructions of the tax authority. Typically, the number of meals is calculated from the working days of the full year deducted with a five-week vacation period. The system distributes the number of meals (e.g., 20) for the current month on the 1st day of each month until the maximum number of meals for the year is reached (by default, 235 meals in 2024). The use of the benefit on holidays or weekends is not limited, but each use reduces the number of meals throughout the year. So if you eat every working day and also during the summer holidays, there will be fewer meals than working days in December. The Epassi app shows the number of times you use it. You cannot use the meal benefit more than this, even if you still have money in your lunch balance. Your employer may also have a different way of sharing the lunch benefit - you will receive more detailed instructions from your employer on how to distribute the benefit.

You pay 75% of the lunch benefit yourself, but at least 8,50 euros in year 2024. This is called the deductible. The rest is a tax-free benefit provided by your employer to you. The deductible is either paid with MyMoney, deducted from your salary or the so-called as a supplement to the salary (the employer pays the benefit in full and adds the employee's deductible to the employee's payroll - the employee pays income tax on that share). The deductible is paid only for the lunch benefit used.

If you have MyMoney for deductible payment, you need to download MyMoney from your own online bank to your Epassi account. Your balance will show you how much lunch benefit you have with the amount of MyMoney you have downloaded. Please note that your MyMoney balance may be higher than your available lunch balance, as your available lunch balance will always be based on the number of business days in the month. MyMoney never resets, meaning you can use it next month when the meal benefit is distributed again.