Contact your employer. Your employer enters an agreement with Epassi and registers employees in the system and manages the benefits as well as the amounts and distribution schedules of the benefits.

When your employer has activated an Epassi account, you will receive a welcome message about the activation of the benefit automatically either by email or text message. Log in to Epassi with the invitation link in the message, the link is valid only ones. For the first login, use the phone number or email address to which you received the welcome message.

If you have not received the Epassi welcome message, first check with your employer that you have been added as a beneficiary to Epassi. If an Epassi account has already been created for you, but you have not received a message, contact Epassi customer service here or call 0200 69000.

Epassi is administered by the employer. For contact information, account, and balance matters, contact your employer. In most companies, payroll or HR manages Epassi accounts.