If your company is using Epassi Commuting, you can load your personal Travel Card at R-kioski stores and the HSL/HKL customer service points with the available Epassi balance. To load the card, tell the cashier that you are paying with Epassi, provide the phone number registered with Epassi and present your ID (you do not need to use your phone for this).

In addition, you can pay with Epassi in the HSL application. More info on how to add Epassi to the HSL app you will find here: https://www.epassi.fi/fi/uutiset/epassi-nyt-uutena-maksutapana-hsl-sovelluksessa

And also with VR Matkalla- application.  More info on how to add Epassi to the VR-Matkalla app you will find here: