If your company is using Epassi Commuting, you can use the benefit to pay for personal travel and season tickets. The commuting benefit is intended for trips between home and the workplace. 

Epassi works as a payment method, for example in R-Kiosk, HSL:s mobile application and HSL:s service points, Alepa, VR:s Matkalla application and local transport service points.

To load the card, inform the cashier that you are paying with Epassi, provide the phone number that is registered in Epassi and present your ID (you do not need to use your phone for this). The cashier verifies your identity and makes the payment based on your phone number. At Alepa sites the payment is done with your Epassi app.

When paying with HSL:s mobile application, choose Epassi as the payment method - you can find additional instructions for paying with HSL:s application here(in Finnish).

On VR:s Matkalla application, you can use Epass as a payment method like this(in Finnish).

Below is a list of places where Epassi works as a payment method.


Capital Region (HSL)

The Commuting benefit can be loaded onto a personal HSL card:

• At R-Kioski

• At Alepa

• At the HSL service point at Rautatientori

• In K-Citymarkets

• At joint service points (Espoo center, Tapiola, Leppävaara and Matinkylä)

The Commuting benefit can also be used as a payment method in the HSL mobile application. Notice, that HSL mobile application does not accept Epassi Commuting as a payment method to the auto-renewing season ticket.


Turku (Föli)


• Föli's service point (Forum)

• Skanssi Monitori

• Naantali business center

• Raisio's library

• In the Stockmann department store

Tampere (Nysse)

• R-Kioski

• Stockmann Tampere

• K-Citymarket Turtola


Kuopio (Vilkku)

Loaded on a personal Waltti travel card as a season or as a value

• In R-Kioski 

• At service points (Kuopio Info, Valtuustotalo and Sokos)


Jyväskylä (Linkki)

Loaded on a personal Waltti travel card as a season or as a value

• Link service point in the Forum

• In R-Kioski 


Elsewhere in Finland

• Local service points


• VR Matkalla application