With Epassi Lunch you can pay lunches between 6,90€-10,90€. Your employer can also determine the benefit amount between these two, for example, the max benefit for one day can be 8,80€. You get one Epassi voucher per working day.

Epassi also has a service called MyMoney(Personal money) where you can pay the entire transaction with Epassi, no need for other payment methods anymore! Once you download MyMoney via Epassi you can also buy meals that are less than 6,90€ or above 10,90€ (or what your employer has determined to be the daily maximum).

Example: You get a lunch that costs 12€. You have 10€ voucher for the day. Once you have downloaded MyMoney to your Epassi, you can pay the remaining 2€ from your own money. Simply input 12€ to your Epassi and show the valid receipt to the cashier. The part above 10€ will be deducted from your MyMoney balance and the 10€ goes from your lunch balance.