With Epassi Lunch you can pay lunches between 8,50€-13.50€ per meal. Your employer can also determine the benefit amount between these two.

However, you can also eat more expensive meals, in which case you can conveniently pay the part that exceeds the value of the lunch allowance with the MyMoney you have uploaded to Epassi in one payment transaction. If MyMoney is not at your disposal, you can also pay the excess portion with another payment method (e.g. cash, bank card).

Example: The employer has set the daily value of the lunch allowance to 10€. However, if the price of the meal is 12€, it can be paid smoothly with the Epassi application in one payment transaction; 10€ with the Lunch benefit and 2€ with MyMoney, a total of 12.€. If you don't have MyMoney, you can pay 10€ with the Epassi Lunch benefit and 2€ with e.g. a bank card.

Please note that MyMoney is also used for the so-called deductible part of the Lunch benefit, in which case, for example, in the example above, the deductible amount for a 10€ lunch is 8.50€. Therefore, your MyMoney will decrease by a total of 8,50€- your employer will pay 1.50€.

Epassi MyMoney is a prepaid wallet to which the user transfers money from their own bank account and uses it when paying with Epassi. The part that exceeds the Lunch benefit is charged from MyMoney, so you can conveniently pay for the entire meal with one payment method. When paying in this way, the price of the meal has no upper limit. If the value of the meal is less than 8,50€, it can be paid entirely with MyMoney.