Please note that Epassi is a personal benefit and you cannot pay other persons lunch/sport/wellbeing or culture-purchases. 

Epassi Lunch

Epassi Lunch is a personal benefit and you cannot pay other people's meals. Epassi Lunch is only for paying for a meal and it cannot be used to pay for alcohol or tobacco products, services or goods.

Epassi Contract Lunch (ePassi Sopimuslounas)

Epassi Contract Lunch is a system for arranging contract catering practices between employers and the Service Provider (=restaurants). The Epassi Contract Lunch can only be used to pay for meal packages that have been agreed in advance between the employer and the Service Provider.

On the last day of each month, Epassi issues a self-invoice for contract lunch purchases to the Service Provider in accordance with section 5.4 of the Tax Administration's instructions A214 / 200/2016 (Invoice requirements for VAT). The self-invoice is made available to the Service Provider on the ePass web portal.

Epassi Sport (Epassi Liikunta)

Epassi Sport is personal and cannot be used to pay other people's fees for the use of sports services. With Epassi Sport, it is not possible to pay for non-personalized series tickets, goods or treatment services (eg massage). With Epassi Sport, you can only pay membership or membership fees that in themselves entitle you to use the services.

You can also pay for a hobby that is practiced with an animal, such as agility.

With Epassi Sport you can also pay for example ski rentals and all needed equipment needed for the activity.

Epassi Culture (Epassi Kulttuuri)

With Epassi Culture, you can only your own entrance fees for example movies or theater. You cannot pay for impersonal serial tickets, goods or any care services. 

Epassi Commuting (Epassi Työmatka)

The Epassi Commuting is personal and cannot be used to pay for public transport other than the beneficiary's personal travel card or other travel tickets approved by the taxpayer. 

Epass Wellbeing (Epassi Hyvinvointi) 

Epassi Wellbeing can be used to pay for services related to occupational health care defined by employers. You can pay for example massage, physiotherapy, or dental care with Epassi Wellbeing.

The service provider must ensure that the purchased service is connected to occupational health care, as well as the restrictions set by the employer on the Epassi for the purchased service, which will be displayed in connection with the payment transaction. If the Service Provider has an agreement with the employer, the Service Provider must also comply with the service specifications agreed in the agreement in the payments made with Epassi Wellbeing .

Epassi MyMoney( OmaRaha)

In connection with an Epassi targeted payment transaction (eg Lunch, Sports, Culture, Commuting, Wellbeing  ), the payer can make a supplementary payment transaction to cover the full amount of the purchase. The payment receipt contains a breakdown of the breakdown of the balance between the targeted payment transaction and the supplementary payment transaction.