If you would like us to refund the balance you have uploaded to MyMoney, please login to Epassi web service and click "Reclaim MyMoney saldo" button.
Insert your bank account number and click "Send". The site will give you a notification of a successful request.

If your account has already been deleted, and you cannot log in to Epassi, send us email to omaraha@epassi.fi.

Enter topic Reclaim MyMoney, and add the following information to the message:

1. Former employer, that had created the Epassi account 

2. Your Epassi phone number or e-mail address

3. Bank account where you want the MyMoney to be refunded.

We'll make the transfer manually and it will appear in your account within 5 business days. We charge a 5 € service fee per transfer, which will be deducted from your balance. We don't do refunds less than 5€.

If you want us to transfer your MyMoney from your old Epassi account to your new employer's Epassi account (no service fee will be charged) or if you have other questions about MyMoney, please contact our customer support via submitting a ticket or directly to info@epassi.fi.