If the MyMoney balance you downloaded via the application or online service does not appear in your Epassi account or the payment transaction was interrupted due to an error, please update the Balance view first and if this did not help, contact Paytrail (https://www.paytrail.com/en/customer-service), which handles payment traffic.

If you are using Mobilepay to topup MyMoney, please note that you need to have the newest version of Epassi in use in order to the payment go through succesfully. 

If you have made a MyMoney account transfer without your personal reference number or it is incorrect, the transfer will not be automatically applied to your account. Please note that the reference should not be copied from the old payment.

Send a copy of your account transfer receipt to our customer service at info@epassi.fi. The receipt must show the payment information: your name, amount, date and the account number to which you have paid.

We will then return the money to your Epassi account and charge a 5 € service fee, which will be deducted from your balance.

Please note that bank transfers should no longer be used to top up MyMoney! Instead MyMoney top up should be done in our Epassi application or Epassi online service via the Balances selection. The minimum amount of the transfer is 20 €. 

Instructions how to top up MyMoney can be found here.