MyMoney is your own money that you can top up to your Epassi account from your online bank. MyMoney can be used when the sum exceeds the benefit value. It is a simple and convenient way to pay with, as no other payment methods are required.

You can also use MyMoney to cover any personal share of the benefits, usually MyMoney is used to cover the Lunch benefit's own share, but also for other benefits depending on your employer.

If your benefit has its own share, you should top up MyMoney to get the benefit activated and the balance visible. And if you used the employee benefits balance and the benefit balance shows zero, you can still use the remaining MyMoney balance to purchase products or services.

In the receipt, you can see how much of the sum was settled with the benefit balance and how much was settled with MyMoney balance. MyMoney works at all places that accept Epassi app payments. You can pay with it whenever you want, with no restrictions on the amount.

Note! MyMoney cannot be used in text message payments, when the sum exceeds the benefit value.

Example: Yoga course payment with Sport benefit and MyMoney balance. In this case, the Sport benefit balance is 208.50e and the course costs 300e. The difference is easily paid in one transaction with the MyMoney balance.