If you don't have a smartphone where you can download the Epassi application, you can pay with Epassi in the following ways:

Pay online

You can pay online with your Epassi benefits in several ways:

1. At the employee benefits online store Epassi Marketplace.

2. In online stores that have the Epassi payment button, here is a list of them.

3. Epassi online payments, which can be found in our online service

  1. Log in to the Epassi web service here.
  2. Select "Online payments" from the side menu.
  3. Enter the name of the service provider in the "Select service provider" field and choose the desired service provider.
  4. Fill in the required fields and press the "Pay" button, which will appear when all necessary information has been completed. The payment will be charged immediately.
  5. You will receive a receipt for the payment, which you can show to your service provider if necessary.

Pay with phone number by the cashier

Some sites may charge your phone number. Be prepared to prove your identity when using this form of payment.

  1. Tell the cashier you want to pay with Epassi.
  2. Give the cashier your mobile number and the amount you want to pay with Epassi. Please prepare to prove your identity.
  3. You will receive a receipt for the payment in your Epassi mobile app or, if you don’t have the app, by SMS.

Note! Your phone number must be registered to Epassi, before a payment with the phone number can be done.

Pay with text message

Some of the sites accept text message payments.

1. Make sure the place of use accepts text message  payments!

2. In the text message, write the number code of the location, space and the amount of the service, for example "39097 9.80". 3. The location's number code can be found at the cashier.

4. Send a text message to 050 902 3456.

5. Show the payment receipt you received as a return message to the cashier.

You can search for our locations via this link to find which payment methods work at which site.