As a service provider, you are provided with two (2) sets of accounts; admin and site logins.
These accounts help you to manage your daily statistics and accounting reports.

Your admin-account is a letter-formed account e.g your company name. With these accounts, you can search and manage your sites (e.g restaurants), accounting information like bank accounts, and settlement reports. This information is only visible to you and Epassi. Usually, the owners or accounting teams have these accounts.

Site-id is a number-login, usually 5-6 digits. With this account, you can view your site's daily transactions. You can also fetch daily-codes to check the customer receipts at the checkout.

If you have forgotten or lost your login please contact our customer service.

For a lost password enter your login here and you will receive an email to help you to set-up a new password.

Remember to log in to Epassi as a Merchant: