MyMoney can be used to pay the tax value of the benefit to the employer (if this is the policy in your company). Tax value and employer’s share together constitute the benefit, for example the amount of the Lunch Balance.

The own share you download and the number of working days remaining in the month affect the amount of your available balance as follows:

When you increase your deductible, the system automatically adds the employer's share based on the remaining working days of the current month.

If you load more value than the number of working days left in a month, the system will not add the next month's employer contribution to the full amount of MyMoney, but the employer contribution will always be automatically charged on the 1st of each month. Therefore, your MyMoney balance may be larger than your available Lunch Balance.

If you use up your balance before the end of the month, your value will not carry over to the following month. You will get a new balance when you download the deductible. You can download a new deductible at any time and the benefit is available immediately.